ICDL is the digital skills standard. Join over 17 million people and boost your skillset with a flexible certification that allows you to develop your computer skills to your own requirements.

ICDL is a globally recognized digital skills standard built with over twenty-five years of experience in delivering our certification programmes in more than 40 languages in over 100 countries worldwide, with more than 2.5 million ICDL tests taken annually. Joined over 17 million people, the certification program provides individuals with essential digital skills and competencies designed to enhance digital literacy and proficiency across various computer applications and tools.  

Our commitment remains steadfast in making ICDL programs accessible to all, solidifying our role as a key catalyst in the nation’s digital literacy and skills development efforts. 

ICDL is delivered in Bhutan through a network of test centres. It is managed by ICDL Asia and supported by our Accreditation Consultant, Bodhi Media and Communication Institute (BMCI). To get started with ICDL, you may contact a centre directly by using the list below to access your nearest centre. If you have any enquiries or would like to become a test centre, please get in touch with us.

ICDL Asia References & Endorsements

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Why ICDL? – It works – Digital skills certification is all we do – We’re global and local Digital skills certification is a key tool in delivering on a digital skills strategy.

To find our more about offering ICDL to students, candidates, clients or employees or if you are considering partnering with ICDL for a project or initiative, click on the appropriate button below.

ICDL Accredited Test Centres in Your Territory

If you are an individual wishing to get ICDL certified, the first step is to locate an ICDL Accredited Test Centre near you.

ICDL Test Centre Types

  • Public Test Centre: ICDL Test Centres that offer ICDL training and/or certification to the general public.
  • In-house Test Centre: ICDL Test Centres that do not provide ICDL to the public. This includes schools or employers who only offer ICDL to their students or staff.

To start with, use the keyword search bar below to find your preferred or nearest test centre. Enter the relevant information such as the area (state/province/district), centre types or the centre’s name to navigate the list of available centres.

Bodhi Media and Communication Institute (BMCI)
Dondrup Lam, Behind Hotel Pedling, Thimphu, Bhutan, (Thimphu), Bhutan
Public Test Centre
Royal Institute of Management
Semtokha, Thimphu, Thromde 11001, Bhutan, (Thimphu), Bhutan
In-house Test Centre

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ICDL Global Events

ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2024

ICDL Asia Digital Challenge is an annual digital competition targeted to students in Asia who are eager to compete and demonstrate how digital skills may be applied in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy. First held in 2017, the competition has garnered tremendous support, with over 28,800 students, 500 schools, and 18 countries participating to date. The competition is geared towards practical digital skills required for various professional fields in the marketplace today and in the future. Take this chance to challenge yourself and get recognised for your digital skills at ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2024!

Singapore National Digital Explorer 2024

A nationwide digital literacy initiative designed to empower Singapore students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. Aligned to the latest Ministry of Education, Singapore’s EdTech Plan, this Student-Initiated Learning (SIL) initiative will focus on equipping students with key skills and knowledge on the effective use of office productivity tools, online collaboration and emerging technologies. The NDE 2024 programme is targeted at primary, secondary and JC students.

ICDL Africa Forum 2023

The prestigious ICDL Africa Annual Forum, set to take place in the vibrant city of Kigali, Rwanda, scheduled for Wednesday, 25th October 2023. In today’s digital age, digital literacy has become a necessary skill for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the necessary resources and training to acquire these skills. The ICDL Africa Forum …

ICDL Africa Digital Explorer 2023

The ICDL Africa Digital Explorer 2023 is an exciting student competition designed to promote ICDL and its comprehensive programs. Initially launching in Kenya and Uganda in the second quarter of 2023, this competition aims to raise digital competency and skills awareness among schools in these territories. The campaign’s central message revolves around “The importance of …

ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2023

ICDL Asia Digital Challenge is an annual student competition targeted at secondary and tertiary school students in Asia who are eager to compete and demonstrate how digital skills may be applied in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy. Geared towards practical digital skills required for various professional fields in the marketplace today and for the future. Given the increasing importance of the digital economy around the world, the competition will expose contestants to emerging technologies, design, and the use of office application tools.


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