Successfully completing an ICDL module is an achievement that is recognised internationally and valued by employers across the globe.

By now you will have received your ICDL Digital Badge or Profile Certificate, certifying your ICDL achievement so far.

So what’s next?

Share your digital badge or certificate

ICDL digital badges and certificates are made for sharing!

There are many ways to share. Watch the video to find out how.

  • View your badge or certificate
  • Email a badge or certificate
  • Share a url to a badge or certificate
  • Share a badge or certificate on social media
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  • Download a certificate

Building your ICDL Profile

We refer to the set of modules you have successfully completed as your ICDL Profile.

Attaining an ICDL Profile is a continual process. You can build on it over time, as your needs change, or as technology evolves and more modules are developed. In this way, your ICDL Profile grows with you: it shows your commitment to lifelong learning and the continuous upgrading of your digital skill set.

To build your ICDL Profile, take a look at the vast range of modules below and then contact your ICDL Test Centre to continue your ICDL journey.

ICDL Programmes

ICDL has developed a suite of Programmes which meet the demands of today’s digital world. You may have already completed the ICDL Workforce Modules and achieved the Digital Skills Standard required for the workplace, however ICDL Programmes are continually evolving to meet the needs of the modern workplace so there are always new modules to consider. Take a look at the new Teamwork module and Remote work module available now.

If you are are looking to further develop more advanced skills for occupation effectiveness, take a look at other ICDL Professional modules which may suit your needs. New modules include Data Analytics, Data Protection, Financial Spreadsheets and Management Spreadsheets to name just a few.

What’s more, ICDL has just launched a new Programme, ICDL Insights, which addresses the requirements for current and future business managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technology. These short focused professional development courses include state of the art elearning and a brief certification test.

Take a look at ICDL Insights Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud Computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence available now.

ICDL has a vast range of modules to choose from, so you can build the ideal digital skill set for your needs.

ICDL Insights

ICDL Insights contains a range of modules which can be combined with other ICDL modules to create a unique ICDL Profile. The syllabus content of each module is supported by high-quality eLearning materials that establishes core concepts, gives practical examples of implementation, and provides opportunities for reflection. Together with a short certification test, this learning can provide an excellent opportunity either to develop relevant competences for future career development, or to contribute to continuous professional development.

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