The Alliance High School became the first national public secondary school in Kenya to integrate the ICDL into its curriculum

In a historic moment for digital education, The Alliance High School in Nairobi, Kenya, achieved a significant milestone by achieving ICDL Accredited Center status. This event marked the commencement of a transformative journey toward digital excellence in this esteemed national public school. Renowned for its rich history and dedication to academic excellence, The Alliance High School became the first national public secondary school in Kenya to integrate the ICDL into its curriculum, emphasizing its commitment to equipping its 1,800 students (with anticipated growth to over 2,000 soon) with essential digital skills.

Addressing the student body, Chief Principal Mr. Kamau emphasized the critical importance of digital skills in today’s dynamic world. He proudly announced the school’s affiliation with an international digital skills certification body, positioning it to produce globally competitive students. This initiative aligns with Alliance High School’s visionary 5-year strategic plan, aiming to emerge as a leader in digital literacy. In partnership with ICDL Africa, the school achieved a significant milestone with the formal recognition as an ICDL Accredited Test Center (ATC).

Mr. Kamau’s vision goes beyond enrollment; he aspires to certify a minimum of 1,000 students within the following year, showcasing unwavering commitment to the transformative power of digital literacy in education. This commitment extends to the teaching staff, who enthusiastically embraced the responsibility of owning the ICDL program.

The journey undertaken by The Alliance High School exemplifies education’s transformative power, emphasizing the school’s dedication to preparing students for a digital future. By pioneering the introduction of ICDL, Alliance High School sets a high standard for digital literacy in Kenya, symbolizing a commitment to staying ahead in the digital era.

The anticipated certification of 1,800 students represents a profound investment in the future, equipping young minds with the skills needed to excel in an increasingly digital world. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of Alliance High School students. Congratulations to Chief Principal Mr. Kamau, the dedicated teaching staff, and the entire school community for their vision and commitment to digital empowerment. Together, they are shaping a brighter future, one student, one teacher at a time, on this exciting journey of digital transformation.

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