2020 ICDL IT Security Competition conducted successfully in Taiwan

The 2020 ICDL IT Security Competition was conducted successfully in Taiwan in December 2020. The competition was jointly organised by Computer Skills Foundation, Taiwan Information Security Center at National Cheng Kung University (TWISC@NCKU), Library and Information Center of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science (CNU) and College of Informatics, Shu-Te University (STU). The competition aims to improve students’ understanding and practical skills in the area of IT security.

The ICDL module used in the competition is ICDL Cyber Security. ICDL Cyber Security covers the main skills and knowledge needed for the secure use of ICT in everyday settings, both at home and at the workplace. It provides candidates with the skills to protect data and information on computers, devices, and networks.

The competition was split into 2 categories- the Secondary category and Tertiary category. 128 students from more than 30 schools, including high schools, colleges and universities participated in the competition. 93 students passed the tests and were awarded an ICDL certificate successfully.

Dr Liu Yixian, Director of TWISC@NCKU, hopes that with this competition, students will gain the needed IT Security concepts and knowledge and put it into use in the students’ daily life. Mr Xu, Director of Computer Skills Foundation hopes that all candidates could enhance their digital skills and at the same time, obtain an internationally recognised certification through this competition.

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